S3 Object ID Format

URI Path we write to:

/<key prefix>/<bucketname>/<dispersion prefix>/<dovecot internal path>

<key prefix> =

From URL config [optional; empty if not specified]

<bucketname> =

Either from URL hostname or URL “bucket=” query parameter

<dispersion prefix> =

From mail_location setting. Recommended value (see XXX) gives two levels of dispersion of the format: [0-9a-f]{2}/[0-9a-f]{3}

<dovecot internal path> =

Dovecot internal path to file. Example: $user/mailboxes/$mailboxguid/$messageguid

$user =

Dovecot unique username (installation defined)

$mailboxguid =

32 byte randomly generated UID defining a mailbox

$messageguid =

32 byte randomly generated UI defining a message blob