apparmor plugin

Apparmor support plugin. A simple plugin which allows changing “hat” (apparmor context) when user is loaded. Context is changed back to default on user deinit. Multiple hats are supported, and passed to apparmor_change_hatv function.

New in version v2.2.32.


mail_plugins = $mail_plugins apparmor

plugin {
  apparmor_hat = hat_name
  apparamor_hat2 = another_hat

You can also specify hats from user or password database. If you provide from passdb, use userdb_apparmor_hat=hat and subsequent hats as userdb_apparmor_hat2 and so forth. From userdb, you can omit the userdb_ prefix.

It’s also possible to combine these, so that you can provide some of the hats from config and some from passdb/userdb configuration. If you want to provide apparmor_hat2 from config, make sure you provide apparmor_hat from userdb or passdb always, otherwise apparmor_hat2 won’t be seen.


Set mail_debug=yes to see context changes.