fts-solr plugin

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See: Solr FTS Engine for details on Solr integration.


  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

Configuration of fts_solr driver.

Format is a space separated list of options:

fts_solr = [option1[=value1]] [option2[=value2]] [...]

The following options are supported:


  • Default: https://localhost:8983/solr/dovecot/

  • Values: String

  • Required base URL for Solr.

    • Remember to add your core name if using solr 7+: "/solr/dovecot/".


  • Default: no

  • Values: <existence> (if debug exists, it is enabled)

  • Enable HTTP debugging. Writes to debug log.


New in version 2.3.6.

  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

  • Enable rawlog debugging. Store HTTP exchanges between Dovecot and Solr in this directory.


New in version 2.3.6.

  • Default: 1000

  • Values: Unsigned integer

  • Configure the number of mails sent in single requests to Solr.

    • With fts_autoindex=yes, each new mail gets separately indexed on arrival, so batch_size only matters when doing the initial indexing of a mailbox.

    • With fts_autoindex=no, new mails don’t get indexed on arrival, so batch_size is used when indexing gets triggered.


New in version 2.3.6.


plugin {
  fts_solr = url=http://solr.example.org:8983/solr/ debug batch_size=1000