lazy-expunge plugin

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See Lazy Expunge for general plugin information.



  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

The mailbox/namespace to move messages to when expunged. This setting MUST be defined or else lazy-expunge plugin will not be active.

See Storage Locations for configuration information.


If true, only move to expunged storage if this is the last copy of the message in the user’s account.

This setting works with the following mailbox formats:


This setting does not work with obox without fs-dictmap (e.g. S3-only setup).


New in version v2.3.17.

  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

Mailbox name/wildcard to exclude from lazy expunging.

Use either mailbox names or refer to them using special-use flags (e.g. \Trash).

To exclude additional mailboxes, add sequential numbers to the end of the plugin name. For example:

lazy_expunge_exclude = \Drafts
lazy_expunge_exclude2 = External Accounts/*