lazy-expunge plugin

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See Lazy Expunge for general plugin information.


  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

The mailbox/namespace to move messages to when expunged. This setting MUST be defined or else lazy-expunge plugin will not be active.

  • Default: <empty>

  • Values: String

New in version v2.3.17.

Mailbox name/wildcard to exclude from lazy expunging.

Use either mailbox names or refer to them using special-use flags (e.g. \Trash).

To exclude additional mailboxes, add sequential numbers to the end of the plugin name. For example:

lazy_expunge_exclude = \Drafts
lazy_expunge_exclude2 = External Accounts/*

If true, only move to expunged storage if this is the last copy of the message in the user’s account.

This setting works with the following mailbox formats:


This setting does not work with obox without fs-dictmap (e.g. S3-only setup).