Common configuration

The settings are listed in the example conf.d/15-lda.conf file. The important settings are:

  • postmaster_address is used as the From: header address in bounce mails

  • hostname is used in generated Message-IDs and in Reporting-UA: header in bounce mails

  • sendmail_path is used to send mails. Note that the default is /usr/sbin/sendmail, which doesn’t necessarily work the same as /usr/lib/sendmail.

    • Alternatively you can use submission_host to send mails via the specified SMTP server.

  • auth_socket_path specifies the UNIX socket to auth-userdb where LDA can lookup userdb information when -d parameter is used. See below how to configure Dovecot to configure the socket.


The config files must be world readable to enable dovecot-lda process read them, while running with user privileges. You can put password related settings to a separate file, which you include with !include_try and dovecot-lda skips them.