System Calls OptimizationΒΆ

The use of the TZ environment variable can dramatically reduce the number of system calls and kernel context switches performed by the application.

The localtime() function in glibc checks whether the TZ environment variable is set. If it is not set, then glibc will use the stat() system call every time localtime() is called, even with vDSO in place.

Setting the TZ environment variable to :/etc/localtime (or some other timezone file of your choice) for a process will save glibc from making those extra unnecessary system calls (Notice the column : prefix before the file path).

The variable can be set either from the shell, i.e. export TZ=:/etc/localtime or directly from inside the dovecot configuration file import_environment = $import_environment TZ=:/etc/localtime

Note that a simple reload is not sufficient for the change to take effect. A restart is required.

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