Auth Settings

See Authentication for more details.

auth_mechanisms = plain login

Enables the PLAIN and LOGIN authentication mechanisms. The LOGIN mechanism is obsolete, but still used by old Outlooks and some Microsoft phones.

auth_verbose = yes

Log a line for each authentication attempt failure.

auth_verbose_passwords = sha1:6

Log the password hashed and truncated for failed authentication attempts. For example the SHA1 hash for pass is 9d4e1e23bd5b727046a9e3b4b7db57bd8d6ee684 but because of :6 we only log 9d4e1e.

This can be useful for detecting brute force authentication attempts without logging the users’ actual passwords.

service anvil {
unix_listener anvil-auth-penalty {
mode = 0

Disable authentication penalty. This is explained in Authentication penalty support

auth_cache_size = 100M

Specifies the amount of memory used for authentication caching (passdb and userdb lookups).

imap_id_retain = yes

New in version v2.2.29.1.

If imap_id_retain=yes, imap-login will send the IMAP ID string to auth process. The variable %{client_id} will expand to the IMAP ID in the auth process. The ID string is also sent to the next hop when proxying.

This allows passing the ID string to auth-policy requests