Trash Plugin

Normally, a Quota exceeded error is returned if saving/copying a message would bring the user over quota. With the trash plug-in, instead the oldest messages are expunged from the specified mailboxes until the message can be saved.

If the new message is large enough that it wouldn’t fit even if all messages from configured mailboxes were expunged, then no messages are expunged and the user receives a “Quota exceeded” error.


See trash plugin.


Requires quota-plugin to be loaded and configured to use non-FS quota.


mail_plugins = $mail_plugins quota trash

plugin {
  trash = /etc/dovecot/dovecot-trash.conf.ext


# Spam mailbox is emptied before Trash
1 Spam
# Trash mailbox is emptied before Sent
2 Trash
# If both Sent and "Sent Messages" mailboxes exist, the next oldest message
# to be deleted is looked up from both of the mailboxes.
3 Sent
3 Sent Messages