Authentication via remote IMAP server

Available driver settings:

  • host=<template> : IP address or hostname. Allows Config Variables (e.g. host=imap.%d)

  • port=<port>

  • username=<template> : The default is %u, but this could be changed to for example

  • ssl=imaps / ssl=starttls

  • ssl_ca_dir=<path>

  • ssl_ca_file=<path> (v2.2.30+)

  • allow_invalid_cert=yes|no : Whether to allow authentication even if the certificate isn’t trusted. For v2.2 it defaults to “yes”. (v2.2.30+)

  • rawlog_dir=<path>

See also HowTo/ImapcProxy for how to combine this with imapc storage.


Authenticates users against remote IMAP server in IP address

passdb {
  driver = imap
  args = host=

IMAP Backend Configuration

  • Enable some workarounds for Thunderbird

imap_client_workarounds = tb-extra-mailbox-sep tb-lsub-flags