Pigeonhole Sieve: Variables Extension

The Sieve variables extension RFC 5229 adds the concept of variables to the Sieve language.


The variables extension is available by default. The variables extension has its own specific settings. The following settings can be configured for the variables extension (default values are indicated):

sieve_variables_max_scope_size = 255 (v0.5.0+)

The maximum number of variables that can be declared in a scope. There are currently two variable scopes: the normal script scope and the global scope created by the “include” extension. The minimum value for this setting is 128.

sieve_variables_max_variable_size = 4k (v0.5.0+)

The maximum allowed size for the value of a variable. If exceeded at runtime, the value is always truncated to the configured maximum. The minimum value for this setting is 4000 bytes. The value is in bytes, unless followed by a k(ilo).